9 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2019

9 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2019

With Winter 2019 slowly approaching, it is the perfect time to redecorate your home for the upcoming Winter. But what would the best interior design trends for Winter 2019 be? Well, we’ve looked all over the internet to pick out what we believe are the best design trends for 2019 and have compiled them into this list for your enjoyment. If you’re looking to decorate your home then this is 100 percent the list for you!

We have compiled some of the best design trends for winter 2019 into the list below, and have included little snippets about our product, Levitate Hanger, that show how it can be used to make certain aspects of designing your home much easier and faster. Though keep in mind that design is subjective: if you don’t think any of these trends will work for you, feel free to try whatever you feel would work! Your home is your home, after all.

1. BlackandWhite

A very simple but striking way to design your home is to try and go for a colorless design. While this may not be for those looking to make a vibrant home, your guests will be sure to note how striking this design choice will be. This can be achieved through a multitude of methods in a multitude of ways: you could simply swap out your furniture with black and white ones, you could redo the carpet to match one of those 2 noncolors, and you can even redo the walls to include black and/or white in it.

This can be spun in multiple angles of design as well: maybe you want to use this color scheme to make something of a gothic inspiration, maybe you want to spin it to a more modern lens, it can even be used for designing styles that would normally include color. And since winter may get cold and snowy, it’ll 100 percent fit the theme of this time of the year.

Keep in mind, depending on how you go about pursuing this trend you may need to hire some outside help if you don’t know how to redo walls. However, if you use our product, Levitate Hanger, you can future-proof your walls if you want to change the wallpaper often: it requires zero installation into your wall itself and can easily be removed without leaving any lasting damage on the wall.

2. Technology in Design

An interesting design choice presented by the folks over at Decorilla* is to infuse technology into the design aspects of your home. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways: you could pick out the tech you use and have it color match whatever your home looks like. You could pick certain models that include certain features to make it better blend in with your home. You can even mount your TVs, tablets, and other such tech to give your home the design of a futuristic, high tech home.

Some tech can be a bit complicated to mount to your wall, Levitate Hanger can assist with that. Not only can it hang pictures, but it can hang pretty much anything up to 20 lbs in weight. This includes tablets, phones, and home control centers. So instead of investing in expensive-looking and ghastly-looking wall shelves, make your tech look like it is truly in the future!

3. Geometric Shapes

An idea presented by John McClain through apartmenttherapy** was to have your furnishing be decorated with geometric patterns, which is exactly how it sounds: decorations and furniture containing patterns ranging from circles to triangles to squares, and whatever other geometrical shapes you could desire. McClain describes it as “an instant way to add architecture to a room without a full overhaul”, and that is a perfect way to summarize it: while you could totally go nuts with new wallpaper, and even a full redo of a room, all you really need to overhaul your home like this is new furnishings, so any homeowner or apartment renter could do this!

4. Muted Colors

If you want to go with something minimalist but don’t wish to go full black and white, you could always use very light colors instead to achieve a similar effect while still bringing a very modern feel to your home. Finding muted colors in furniture may be a little tricky unless you know exactly what you are looking for, but getting custom rugs, wallpaper, and even wooden flooring installed with these muted colors is easier than you would imagine it to be And if you want a guide on how to pick out the perfect muted colors for yourself if you plan on getting your furnishings custom-ordered, Design Shack*** has the perfect guide for you right here These muted colors will fit perfectly for the winter and beyond, so if you want to bring simplicity and subtlety to your home design, consider trying this color pallet out if you’re redecorating.

5. Greens and Reds

Okay, let’s say you need something bolder than the previous two options. If you want to have a small color palette and you want it to be bold, to jump out at both you and your guests. If that is the case, greens and reds are the perfect Christmas coloration for your furniture. Green couches with red pillows and blankets, paintings with green and red color pallets, red and green carpets or rugs, and even chairs and tables if you want to go all-in on it. And if it turns out you don’t want to keep the palette for after Christmas, you can easily shift it to one color or the other with replacement furniture, but the color pallet is great all year round if you look at it as a way to express your own personal joy and good spirit. Or if you just want to keep Christmas in your home year-round.

6. Fur-niture

With the Winter weather bringing down the temperature (mostly) everywhere, why not add fur to your furniture to give your home both a figurative and literal warm-and-cozy feeling. Plenty of stores sell fur versions of pillows, blankets, couch covers, and full couches and chairs with fur styling on them. And if you want something artistic relating to fur that can match, you can find abstract painting of things like zebra stripes, lion stripes, and other such animal patterns to really bring that aesthetic home - or to the lodge, rather, And fur doesn’t have to be expensive: faux/synthetic fur is quite affordable for anyone, while also being a suitable replacement if you have a stance against real fur products. So if you want to give your home luxury stylings without feeling guilty, try getting faux-fur furnishings for the winter season.

7. Wooden Everything

Speaking of lodges, wooden interiors are a great trend for the winter season and can be easily done depending on how far you want to go with your designing. Wood can be implemented in many different aspects of your home, from small things like wood bed frames, shelving, tables, chairs, entertainment centers, and even walls, flooring, or ceilings in a vast array of wood stylings: according to Oxford Wood Recycling, there are softwoods such as pine, cedar, and fir, and hardwoods such as oak, ash, beech, elm, mahogany, teak, and walnut, all of which have their own unique colors and specific attributes. And if you don’t like the prospect of tearing down an entire wall to replace with wood, you could always rely on faux wood wallpaper to achieve a similar aesthetic at a much cheaper price. Most combinations of wood should work with one another, so there is tons of room for creativity: you can go with a single type for the whole home, one type of wood per room, or you could mix and match them to your own personal liking. No matter which way you choose to do so, wood furnishings and finishes are sure to bring the lodge experience to your home. Pair it together with fur and you can truly make the lodge home of your dreams!

8. Metallic Finishes

A trend for a more lavish look described in housebeautiful**** , this describes using certain metallic finishes to bring an heir of fanciness into your home: whether it be metallic picture frames, glass tables with metallic legs and chairs with matching legs, or even metal art to hang on your wall. All of this can make your home look modern and elegant without the need to spend a ton of money for solid gold furnishings (which probably wouldn’t last anyway), a perfect solution for those who want to look like they have an infinite budget without having one.

And if you’re going to frame things with this metallic finish, you don’t want an old nail or a shelf to contrast with the lavish look of it. Fear not, Levitate Hanger can fix that: the whole hanger is designed so that once you hang it on the wall, it looks like it is floating in midair! So no worrying about making your solution look good when you don’t even need to see it at all: just install it in less than 30 seconds and boom, it’s on your wall with no hassle.

9. Fireplaces

If you actually have a big budget and want to get something that will really be cozy, then consider installing a fireplace for your home. While this may be a logistical issue for some if their home is too old/small, if you can plan it out and find the perfect spot - which will likely be your living room or den - then it is the perfect way to bring that cozy, “pour a cup of hot cocoa” feeling to your home. There are multiple types of fireplaces you can have installed, too: according to hunker*****, there are wood-burn, gas-burn, electric, and ethanol-burn fireplaces. There are countless differences between all of them, but their primary traits are:

  • Wood-burning: excellent heat-generator, requires a large stockpile of wood
  • Gas-burning: most traditional, requires the most cleaning
  • Electric: easiest to install, not as eye-catching
  • Ethanol-burning: most versatile, doesn’t produce a lot of heat

    Though these are mainly surface-level in terms of their differences, we encourage you to research this and make the best-informed decision based on your needs. No matter which one you choose, all are great additions to your home if you really want to go all-in on making your interior as comfortable as you can. So if you have the budget and space to install a fireplace, it’s a great option to bring some spice to your home.

    And there you have it: 9 design trends you can use to spice up your home for Winter 2019, and how Levitate Hanger can enhance or make them easier to achieve. We hope you enjoyed this list, and we hope you find one of these 9 interior design trends to be fascinating enough for you to try for the upcoming winter. And we hope you thought our product would benefit this enough, and if you think so, you can find a preorder link here if you want to grab a few for yourself. So go out there and get designing.


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