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Levitate Hanger™ is the World’s Fastest and Easiest Picture Hanger.

With Levitate Haner, you can hang pictures in only 10 seconds, while keeping your pictures perfectly leveld!

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What Our Backers Think

“As a professional designer, the Levitate Hangers will make my job so much easier! I adore creating “Living Walls” for my clients—collage walls that grow and flex with their lives. Being able to provide them with wall hangers this flexible and easy will definitely make my services stand out!”

Kate Foster

Levitate Hanger Backer

“I share the sentiments of those below. This is going to be great; I’m moving in less than two weeks and will have to rehang all of my art. I have a good amount, and it’s always a pain to get everything level and even. I’m looking forward to this. Thank you.”


Levitate Hanger Backer

“Really looking forward to using my Levitate Hangers. I have a number of paintings that have been leaning on top of cabinets or against walls that require hanging but require more careful work than I’ve been able to find the time for.”

Christopher Jacobs

Levitate Hanger Backer

“I’m very curious and enthusiastic about this project. I hope I will be able to refrain from using all the items I ordered, so I can also use it as a gift for some of my friends!”


Levitate Hanger Backer

“I’ve been through the time and hassle of putting up floating shelves and pictures.. Now, this product will be a game changer and I am EXCITED!”

Elton Li

Levitate Hanger Backer

“We recently moved, and I love that we won’t have to srill holes in the wall with this, not even for the heavier frames. I love building puzzles and this will be a great way to display them around the house, since our hallway is so bare!”

Roxanna Contreras

Levitate Hanger Backer

What Is Levitate Hanger

(In case you didn’t watched the video above)

Did You Know (Research Shows)?

  • Most people hang at least 15 pictures on their walls.
  • Most people take 5-10 minutes to hang a single picture!

That’s about 2.5 hours you can spend on doing something you love!

For years, these problems have continued without a revolutionary solution.

Until now!

Levitate Hanger is today’s quickest and most versatile solution for hanging your pictures. Thanks to Levitate Hanger, you can hang pictures in just 10 seconds AND have it perfectly leveled on your wall.

No more nails, picture wire, measuring and pencil marks. You can even easily rotate between portrait and landscape orientations.

Levitate Hanger is mess-free and reusable. If you ever want to move or take down a picture, pull the adhesives downwards to release the hanger from the wall. It will not damage your wall or the hanger and you’ll be able to reuse Levitate Hanger over and over.

Its unique design makes easy to use and enables you to hang more than pictures. Hang your tablets, smart phones, smart home devices, etc. too.

Back our project now to help us revolutionize how we hang pictures, and experience first-hand how Levitate Hanger can make this part of your life much easier and more creative.

You only have to follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Attach Levitate Hanger set to the back of your picture.

Step 2: Push your picture onto the wall.

Step 3 (optional): Rotate as needed. Or just for fun 😉

Levitate Hanger’s Features Include

1. Hang pictures, tablet, etc. in 10 seconds or less!

Thanks to Levitate Hanger, you can finally hang pictures without the hustle of needing the tools or deal with a lengthy and annoying process.

2. Rotates 360 degrees. Stops at any angle!

Levitate Hanger is the only picture hanger out there that lets you rotate your pictures 360 degrees.  What is it good for? Tilting your picture left or right, post hanging, is important for not needing to use any leveling tools.  We could have stopped there, but we didn’t want to limit YOUR creativity.  What if you have art works that can hang horizontally and vertically?  Heck, what if you have abstract images that can be presented upside down, downside up, left side right etc?

Creativity is one of the most important traits we have, and we at Levitate Hanger definitely don’t want to limit that.

3. Change pictures without replacing hangers

If you ever used other picture hanger systems, you probably know, in order to put up a different size picture you had to replace the hanger on the wall or replace the hanging system if they are both on the wall and on the picture.  Other than making you waste precious time and money it also added trash to our environment.

With Levitate Hanger you can change pictures to any size you want.  Replacement is done in matter of seconds, and you create far less trash than before!

4. Hangs more than pictures

Why hang only pictures Levitate Hanger allows you to hang almost anything with a flat surface?

With Levitate Hanger, you can hang your tablet and set it free.  We know tablets are very powerful when they are in different orientation.  The ability to rotate your tablet 360 degrees lets your tablet unleash its real purpose.

Why stop at tablets? Hang your smart phone too.  Hang it in your car, on the kitchen cabinet, on the wall near your bed, your screen’s mount, your refrigerator, your desk, your mirror, your car’s window.  Wherever you want!

5. Can hold up to 20lbs!

Size doesn’t matter. Weight does. Your pictures, tablets etc can be as large as they can get, but if they weigh 20lbs or less you can hang them with Levitate Hanger.

6. Pictures are “floating”/”levitating”

Rather than flush on the wall or with an angle.  This gives room for some extra creativity when it comes to interior design.  More on that in the near future.

7. One size fits all!

We design for the future. After this campaign we’re planning on manufacturing different sizes of Levitate Hangers.  With that in mind, we don’t want you to waste money on a whole new system and create more waste.  Instead, you’ll be able to purchase different sizes of the Slider, while using the same holder.

Why different sizes of the Slider? If you want to hang smaller things like lightweight pictures, phones.  It will save you money and help our planet stay cleaner.

8. Leaves damage-free walls!

Another reason Levitate Hanger was created is to leave your walls free of damage.  Drilling and hammering into your walls ruins and weakens them and if you do that a lot, you’ll get to a point where you have no more space to put nails and screws in. Besides, “Swiss cheese walls” are not fun to look at and they are not fun to fix when the time comes.

This feature eliminates risks of hitting wiring, pipes etc and there’s no need to locate a wall stud.  These are common problems when using nails and hooks.

9. Reusable (because we love this planet!)

When created Levitate Hanger, we decided we don’t want anyone to ever through it away and make unnecessary trash.  Making it a reusable hanger was the ultimate solution.  If one day you don’t want/need to use it anymore, you can just hand it out or sell it.

If you wish to move your picture from one side of the wall to another, there’s no need to throw it away and purchase a new Levitate Hanger.  You simply replace the adhesives, attach the Slider on the picture and the Holder on the wall. Done!

Plus, we’ll be manufacturing Levitate Hanger from recycled plastics! That’s a very big deal!  It means that every time someone purchases a Levitate Hanger, some trashed plastics out there are being picked up and recycled – hence cleaning the planet!

The Story Behind Levitate Hanger

As a landscape and fine art photographer I print many of the photographs I capture and usually have them framed or mounted on acrylic, metal, foam board etc and when it’s time to hang those photos on the wall I procrastinate. A lot!

I knew I needed to get my tool kit that included tape measure, level, hammer, nails, hooks, wires, screws and anchors.  Not to mention the cleaning that had to come after.  To ditch the tool kit I looked for other solutions.  The solutions I found were OK, but OK is not good enough!  I was able to hang some photos with adhesives only, but I had to have someone tell me if the picture is straight while I was slowly pushing it on the wall because once it was up I couldn’t make any adjustments.

If I didn’t have any help I had to balance a level on the picture while slowly pushing it on the wall.  Sometimes it fell, sometimes it didn’t.  One thing is for sure. It was ANNOYING!

As per hooks and nails, I had to measure the distance between the wire, the picture and the wall.  After finally hanging it, the picture was at an angle, sticking out of the wall at the top.  Sometimes the hook/nail was visible above the picture which is not such a beautiful sight.

There had to be something better!  Well… there wasn’t.

Since I come from the design world I started sketching up potential solutions.  Suddenly it came to me, the simplest thing no one thought about (for some strange reason).  Make it tilt AFTER I hang the picture.  Easier said than done.  

Everything in the design had to work in perfect harmony.  The shape, the functionality, the size.  Everything.  After a few good designs that already worked (theoretically) I got the final design I was happy with and sent it to my brother so he could model it in a 3D software and print a prototype.

Guess what? It was working better than I expected.  Hence the reason you’re reading about it right now.

Mr. Monkey Approved!

If Mr. Monkey approved Levitate Hanger, you know you’re in good hands!

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