Levitate Hanger x 5

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Levitate Hanger™ is today's quickest and most versatile solution for hanging your pictures.

Thanks to Levitate Hanger, you can hang pictures in just 10 seconds AND have it perfectly leveled on your wall. 

No more nails, picture wire, measuring and pencil marks. You can even easily rotate between portrait and landscape orientations.

Levitate Hanger is mess-free and reusable. If you ever want to move or take down a picture, pull the adhesives downwards to release the hanger from the wall. It will not damage your wall or the hanger and you'll be able to reuse Levitate Hanger over and over.

Its unique design makes easy to use and enables you to hang more than pictures. Hang your tablets, smart phones, smart home devices, etc. too.

  • Hangs: 3 pictures/devices
  • Size: 80mm x 80mm
  • Holds: up to 15lbs*
  • Command® Large Refill Strips by 3M ARE NOT INCLUDED

* Heavy pictures should use at least 8 Command® Large Refill Strips by 3M and also be secured using the dedicated security holes in Levitate Hanger.