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Levitate Hanger™ is the World’s Fastest and Easiest Picture Hanger.

With Levitate Haner, you can hang pictures in only 10 seconds, while keeping your pictures perfectly leveld!

Levitate Hanger – Large

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Housing Part – Small

Housing Part – Large

Mounting Part – Large

Mounting Part – Small

Custom Engraving

What Our Backers Think

“As a professional designer, the Levitate Hangers will make my job so much easier! I adore creating “Living Walls” for my clients—collage walls that grow and flex with their lives. Being able to provide them with wall hangers this flexible and easy will definitely make my services stand out!”

Kate Foster

Levitate Hanger Backer

“I share the sentiments of those below. This is going to be great; I’m moving in less than two weeks and will have to rehang all of my art. I have a good amount, and it’s always a pain to get everything level and even. I’m looking forward to this. Thank you.”


Levitate Hanger Backer

“Really looking forward to using my Levitate Hangers. I have a number of paintings that have been leaning on top of cabinets or against walls that require hanging but require more careful work than I’ve been able to find the time for.”

Christopher Jacobs

Levitate Hanger Backer

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